Thursday, February 22, 2007

Damaged Beyond Repair

It's not a coincidence. It aint one of those "how did this happen to me?" times. It's fairly obvious, and all you gotta do is just read between the lines.
Last exclusive relationship was almost four years ago. Since then, there haven't been too many tears, but in the place of 'em, have been the opposite number of fears; I was one of those folks who had "that icebox where my shit used to be," but I let it defrost long ago, so my future now with another is more visible and seems within my reach...
For a while, I played if off as if I didn't care, would date a few, then return back to my comfortable lair. Feelings would get hurt, and we'd always wonder why it just wasn't fair, but maybe things will be different this time, and we can get in the car, and ride with no worries..and go anywhere. I just hope and pray that I'm not damaged beyond repair.
2/13/07 @ 3:33 A.M.