Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inspire Me.

A decision came about recently that commands respect, yet it's tough to completely understand. Things occured which ended with results which were unintended and certainly not planned. A fellow Leo once wrote, "when I find myself becoming content, inspire me..." so leave it to another to paint an alternative picture for you to see.

No hard feelings were the parting words, yet they were taken directly to heart. The picture being painted is still very much in progress, so there's no need to retreat to the beginning for a fresh start. Besides, the work that's been put in perfectly fits the specifications of the subject at hand...similar to Sade singin' a tune that she didn't intend, yet it sounded amazing with the sounds of her band. They went into the booth with differing ideas, yet they still teamed to make a song you can light candles to all night and let burn. As smooth as it was though, the chemistry didn't come in one take; it came with patience, understanding, and a desire to learn.

One party has the vocals, while the other is the band. The former can certainly find anyone to play the tune, so it's up to the latter to show they belong. Rest assured in knowing you don't have to entertain a thing, because once the strings, chords, and arrangements take shape, you'll feel more than inspired enough to sing this very song.

8/29/10 @ 1:26 A.M.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Trust Re-Visited

Life has taught me to trust is to court disappointment, occasionally even disaster
- William Forrester

Some people look at trust as something to be earned; like a badge of honor that's obtained through time, words, and deeds. They see it as the culmination of efforts put forth; a tree that grew from an endless amount of time and seasons, despite only coming from a small number of seeds. At one time, my view of trust was similar as well. It was something to be earned...but these days, I'd rather give it to you in the beginning, and hope it's handled with care and doesn't leave me battered, bruised, or burned.

Folks are gonna do what they're gonna do, whether trust is given after a year, a month, or a day or two. There's no need to make someone jump through hoops to prove they're worthy of it, even through the misdeeds of a select few. If that means courting disappointment comes with it, then I'll just make sure to have on some clean clothes, and a fresh pair of shoes. Besides, when it's comes to putting effort into something, it's never done with the intention to lose.

If it ends in a loss, so be it. Charge it to the game, take a breather, and get back in. The game of life stops for no one. Besides, you can't lose 'em all, and when it's all said and done, you'll be on top, and feelin' even brighter than the sun.

8/5/10 @ 5:03 A.M.