Sunday, October 14, 2007


1. Overhaul.

2. Make something like new again.

3. Refresh somebody or something.

Some things gotta change, while others need a lil' fine tuning. It's impossible for everything to remain the same, especially, with the way the world's going. Finally realized it's time to make some changes, and even if it aint on the surface just yet, the differences are already showing.

It's kinda like when you construct a masterpiece out of items that seem to be taken for granted. When they're all used together, something extraordinary can emerge. If they're picked and used with care, there's no reason to resort to cheap shit, or use unnecessary capital to splurge. See, this project is similar to what we all see, every single day. Like the stadium currently in process, or when a coupla roads need fixin'; the things you need to do it are right there in front of you, so no need for too much searching, because you already know what you're missin'.

Just like any project that seems like it may take forever, this may just seem like a bundle of mess; may not seem like much just yet. But give it some time, and you'll be blown away for sure, and on MY LIFE, I'll most definitely make the bet...

10/14/07 @ 12:35 P.M.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


A time like this is a reminder of why I stay away from you intentionally...because, regardless of my demeanor, it's more apparent than ever just how much you truly mean to me. It's a love-hate type of thing; love having you in my sights, but hate some of the effects. It solidifies the fact that I have to add your name to a VERY SHORT list of regrets...

You're like that song on a CD that I can put in, press repeat, and let play all the way through. It takes me back to our first ever meeting, and from there, how it manifested, and something bigger than I ever imagined.

Not tryna feel this vulnerable any longer, so it may be best to go on, and fade to black. We'll say our respective greetings, then keep it moving, and resist the constant urge to wanna go back. I already experienced this with you once before, and I don't know if I have enough left to battle, and conquer another fight, but something has to give, or this will once again be the beginning of a series of sleepless nights..all because of the effects of you.

10/4/07 @ 2:48 A.M.

Photo by Thomas Hopson