Thursday, September 29, 2011

D.C.C. Part Four

I wanna go party with old-school players and old-school girls tomorrow night.

I wanna tailgate, eat big-ass amounts of food off the girll, and watch college football until I drop.

I wanna get a haircut...and take my clothes to the cleaners...and pick up the ones that are already there.

I wanna buy some sneakers...and some NIKE tees...and milk...and water...and a refrigerator, so I can put the milk and water in the refrigerator in my office.

Oh, and I wanna watch the Cowboys at Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday.

This weekend, I'm gonna do all of these things...and after I do, I'll blog all about it.

9/29/11 @ 7:53 P.M.

Monday, September 19, 2011

D.C.C. Part Three

If this man ever releases another studio album again, I will stop everything I'm doing to go catch one of his shows on tour.

A quiet night, a bag full of laundry, and in the midst of countri-ness, personified. That's how I spent my Friday last weekend.

It was so random, yet so...right. I haven't been to a Washerteria in so long that I forgot to go by the store and pick up some laundry detergent. I got in there, washed and dried my clothes, and had a blast doing so pretty much the entire damn time. The combination of moving to another city, wanting to sit still for a weekend, and the need for clean clothes all came together right on time.

There was enough random activity, with just enough country-ass shit, in there for me to be amused, despite the fact that anyone else probably didn't find anything amusing about a man in the Washerteria on a Friday night doing laundry. At the moment, this is my life.

More and more, I realize that it really doesn't take much to be happy. It truly is about the little things. This post isn't going to make sense; hell, I'm bound to look at it a month from now and wonder what the hell was going on in my head to make me write even this. It's all good, though. When you're at peace, it doesn't have to make sense. I just want peace to continue to reign above all and, at the moment, that's exactly what's going on.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

D.C.C. Part Two

The revolution will be live. - Brother Gil Scott-Heron

It's okay to be your biggest fan. However, you should never take yourself too serious. At one time, I did and, after life kicked me in the balls for a couple of years, I learned to laugh and smile at just about any and everything. Now I believe in my ability to make things happen, but it's done with a sense of lightheartedness and a peace of mind that I hadn't possessed before.

I still reads the paper every morning, eat the same breakfast (two sausage biscuits from MacDonald's), and gets to work 40 minutes early. It's not because I'm some great employee; it's so I can get myself going, and if I do like I always have done, walking into work right before it's "GO TIME," I won't be worth a damn.

After this weekend, I think I'm gonna hang in Siberia for a while; it means I gotta get to Rudy's sometime today, and hopefully get to the barbershop. I wish there was more exciting things to share from the past week. With that said, God is love, God is good, and when you know that's the case, that's really all the excitement I need.

Oh, and I'll be picking up this book next. Gotta keep my mind at ease, right? Right.

9/10/11 @ 1:27 P.M.

Friday, September 02, 2011


I had another title for this next series of posts, but I forgot what it was. I'll change it when I remember. For now though, we'll call them the Daily Commute Chronicles.

So today is Friday, aka the last day of the work week. As stated in my last entry, I got a new job at a junior college in Siberia (not really Siberia; people who know me know where it is; well, some who know me don't, but that's not important right now.) Anyway, the job is dope as hell and I really think I'm gonna love it here. Granted, it's only been a week, but I could tell you after a week at any other job I've had before if I would have an indication of what I would think of it. With that said, this one is cool.

I didn't take any Ls in the past week. I went out on Saturday night and kicked it with the homies and saw some more homies, homegirls, and other folks that I haven't seen in a while. That's one of the cool things about stepping out on occasion. Since I only go out once a month, it doesn't give me many opportunities to see folks and, in a way, it's a good thing.

I drive 55 miles one way every single day, and I get to work super-duper early; like 40 minutes early. At this rate, it's safe to say I'm gonna find an apartment sometime in the next few months that's in Siberia and not in Scandinavia where I drive from now. Roscoe (my car) isn't built to be driving up and down like this on a regular basis anymore. He's past his prime, and while he still gets the job done, I gotta take it easy on him, yaknow?

I miss KSOUL and KRNB like you wouldn't believe. D'Angelo's Voodoo helps make the drive fun every morning, but there's nothing like having TJMS and some old-school tunes to get the morning started right. Once I move into my office, I'll be able to get KSOUL and KRNB on the internet and best believe I'll be playing it in my office all damn day.

That's pretty much it for now. Be easy.

9/2/11 @ 12:14 P.M.