Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Being In Love

How do you know when you're in love? Whether it's buried deep where it's hard to see, or if it's right in front of you, like a child tuggin' at your knee.
It's been thrown in an ocean, but always finds a way to float on back to the surface. It's your favorite verse in an all-time classic, the one you listen to repeatedly. It's the feeling you get through your body everytime you're witnessed to their visual imagery. It's why you can't sleep at night, it's the bulb inside of your bedside light; the medicine to cure your ills, with a prescription that's too strong for any type of pills.
Being in love can make the strongest person weak, or make the weakest person strong. It's 100% authentic, so the emotions you feel from them can never go wrong. Just follow your heart, and let fate take care of the rest, and realize that this journey you're on, regardless of the outcome, is only for the best.
3/13/07 @ 4:26 A.M.