Sunday, February 22, 2009


Serenity...anytime your presence is felt. It has the capability to make any person's mood change for the best. Just a glimpse of it allows any negativity to be put to rest. It's perfect for any occasion...

Magical...when your lips part, and your teeth begin to show. It's the most versatile tool and strongest weapon anyone could ever know. Everyone should be a witness to its remarkable and unmistakable glow. It's that real, that genuine, that...pure.

Influential...the effects, long-term and short, it possesses and can hold. From the first time you flashed it, I was completely and totally sold. If a day is going good, seeing it makes it become great, and when needed at a crucial time, it's never been late.

Love...radiates from your soul to others, just from the act of something so commonplace. The results of it are constantly etched and permanently written all over my face. Thing's not just me; it's anyone who's had the pleasure to see it, whether from afar, or up close. It's safe to say it's this particular quality that people cherish about you the most.

Extraordinary...all these qualities add up to nothing short of remarkable and something that I hope stays around for much longer than a short while. It's the one thing worth more than any amount of power and wealth; it's the value of your smile.

2/22/09 @ 3:26 P.M.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Interaction between two people can be a strange thing, especially when all both people wanna do is hang out, and have some fun. It never goes through your mind that the person could end up making such a huge impression on you that you'll wanna pack up your stuff, and run. The thought that you may actually dig them, truly dig the person they are, isn't something that goes through your head. You even would joke to them that they were sent from outer space to destroy you, and now they're on your mind from the time your day begins, until you lay yourself down at night in your bed. Looks like their mission was accomplished.

So you sit at home and deal with it, knowing it's the hardest, yet the best way to get over your feelings being hurt, and ego being bruised. You may even seek some counsel from people you know. That doesn't necessarily do the trick, because they could advise you to do something foolish, and even put on some kind of show. Going out becomes the answer, but that idea fades just as quick as it came. While folks are having a good time amongst each other, you're as far as can be from feelin' anywhere near the same.

It would be so much easier if there was some open and real communication, even if it was something that you didn't wanna hear. Then again, that can be the hardest part, the one people seem to struggle with the most. We are quick to say what we want, but when it's time to keep it 100, people can change their tune completely, with no indication of their previous words, or no attempt to boast. Closure is next on the plate, but it takes two to perform that type of dance, and until that time comes, what appears to be normal on the surface is merely a cover-up for being engulfed in an undesirable type of trance.

2/10/09 @ 8:58 A.M.

Photo by Clifton Henri