Monday, August 27, 2007

Endless Strings

They’re the kinds of songs people listen to all day and night. The tunes are sweet, and never-ending. It’s something genuine and envied on by others who wish to duplicate it, but they’re fighting a battle that they’ll end up never winning.

There’s a reason why we play our guitar with endless strings; we can play a number of melodies, to which other people can listen to and sing. We can turn on our tunes outside, and watch birds take flight, and glide through the air, coolly flapping their wings. We’re the perfect collaboration, with people lining up by the dozens, just to hear our next duet, and type of music we’re gonna bring…

We play our tunes during cloudless times, and rainy sights; we let ‘em run their course during scorching days, and freezing nights. Our quality stays top-notch and is always second-to-none. Folks can try and replicate our hits, but will always fall short, regardless of how much studio time is bought, because we’re never under pressure to produce; we make our music out of pure joy and fun.

Give us any instrument, and the results will stay the same. Shit, you can make the choice for us; you can pick the product, the brand, and the name. Our music, the music we make, isn’t for sale, regardless of the amount of money you can bring. This music can only be performed by us, the tunes we compose, by playin' our endless strings…

8/27/07 @ 1:06 P.M.

Photo by Thomas Hopson

Monday, August 20, 2007


1. calm endurance of hardship.
2. tolerant perserverance of forbearance.
3. the capacity of calm, self-possessed waiting.

Presently, I am who I am, but not who I’ll always be; without patience, my chances are slim of becoming the complete image I’m constantly striving to be…

They say patience is a virtue; a trait you should acquire and take pride in. It’s one not easily attained, and is often taken for granted, from the beginning to the end. I’ve never understood why someone doesn’t have a lot of it, especially, when you see the good it brings. When you see the results from it, and when you hear the types of songs it sings; when you see the smiles it puts on people’s faces, and the sounds of it when it rings, and when you finally get what you’ve been seeking, all because you put it to use, and saw the effects it brings.

There’s something calm, cool, and collected about it, as if all this is stuff it’s already seen; I guess that’s why you can’t go wrong with it, because it’ll always keep your best intentions first, and never treat you cruel or mean. Now, more than ever before, patience is one of my virtues, a trait I’ll keep close, and practice on a daily basis, because as long as I have it, I’ll always have a chance, regardless of the circumstances, or any type of obstacles I’m facing.

Presently, I am who I am, but not who I’ll always be; but only through patience, will I have the chance of becoming the complete image I’m constantly striving to be…

8/20/07 @ 1:06 A.M.
Photo by Thomas Hopson

Sunday, August 05, 2007


At times, I feel stranded; even to the point of feelin' abandoned. It's like I'm a shell of myself, like I can see my figure, touch it, but can't do anything to help...

There are those times when a room can be filled with people, doin' a variety of things. It ranges from people laughin' recklessly, or sittin' quietly, while the band plays a tune, with one of 'em smoothly caressing their strings. All the while, I'm in there with 'em, in solitude and alone, but not entirely in peace; just lost in my own thoughts, and doin' my best not to cause any type of unnecessary scenes...

At times, I feel stranded; damn near to the point of feelin' totally abandoned, but not the type that you may see in the streets. Shit, you'd never be able to tell, because even while I may feel like this, I'll smile and speak at ya easily, without even missing a beat.

It's possible to feel alone, despite being in the midst of a crowd, and you may feel like seeking some help, but don't wanna come off as needy or too loud. Don't get to worrying too much, it's simply a reflection of how I get from time-to-time; a glimpse into my soul; a small journey in my tortured mind...

8/3/07 @ 9:56 P.M.

Photo by Thomas Hopson