Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let's Get It

Last night, I watched The Dream Team documentary, along with just about anyone else who had access to NBATV and is a lover of basketball. Something stuck out to me while watching: the ages of some of these guys.

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were 29 years old. 29! These guys were going around the world, doing what they loved, and representing their country. When they were doing it, I was only ten years old and happy to see my heroes playing.

Now that I am 29, it is humbling to see what can be done at that age with hard work, dedication, luck and more. When I say those things, especially the first two, it's more than anything that can be imagined. Oh, and you have to be incredibly talented, too.

Anyway, the documentary did something that I did not intend prior to watching. It's motivated me. It inspired me. I thought about it all night, right now, and will use this as fuel to accomplish any and every goal I have from now on.

There's no telling how much time God allows us to have on this Earth, and even though I've been satisfied with how my life has gone so far, last night showed me I have a long way to go...

6/14/12 @ 8:38 A.M.