Sunday, March 29, 2009

R.I.P. (for Chane`)

Radiant...will forever be the way you're remembered by me and others who had the pleasure of being in your presence, and seeing your face. Smiles and laughter were always shared, no matter the time and no matter the place... your worth, the time we had to share. I can be at peace, knowing you're in a special place and will be protected with care. Even now, there's joy in my heart, despite fighting off the urge to cry. It's evident you lived your life the right way, and knowing that assures me you're always going to be alright... knowing there's only one you, and forever will be. Your indelible mark has been left on countless others for the entire world to're simply amazing. My friend, club, sands...and plenty more. You'll be loved always, from the front of my being, to the deepest parts of my core.

3/29/09 @ 4:00 P.M.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Once Upon A Time

There used to be the days when a four-word question was all that needed to asked. It was the simplest one yet, and was as clear as could possibly be. It could be verbal, written, or otherwise, and it was you like me?

Void of all the confusion of times past, and allergic to any excuses. The answer was either...yes or no. Rarely did someone have it in 'em to create another box, and fill it in with "maybe so." Even if that was to happen, you could probably be mad for a minute, but you'd laugh about it later, 'cause you'd know that even with the uncertainty, you were bound for something due time.

Maybe one day, when we all get old and gray, this phrase will become simple again. It won't be about exes, hurt feelings, tryna find yourself, or anything else. It'll simply be about having that feeling in your body, and knowing that one person makes your entire being melt. The note will be passed, the answer will come back, and you'll immediately know your fate. And if it's the one that lets you know you're a winner, we'll begin to put together our very first date.

3/15/09 @ 10:25 P.M.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Light of Hope

My light of hope continues to burn...

despite the recent events that have taken place, the unexpected result even though it was caused by a very familiar face, and even though it seems like I'm running against my emotions in an endless race...

My light of hope continues to burn.

And even though it's burning dim, there are bound to be better days ahead. This setback won't be able to keep me down, and it won't be allowed to fester in my head. Days will continue as always, with nights allowing me to lay peacefully in my bed, and before you know it, my storybook ending will take place, just like the many others that have been seen and read...

As my light of hope continues to burn...

The loss certainly isn't mine, that's for damn sure. My desires, hopes, and love remains untarnished and 100% pure. Even though I'm at peace now, there's still that desire for more, and with it, my soul and heart will stay alive and continue to yearn, and it further lets me know everything will eventually work itself out...

...while my light of hope continues to burn.

3/8/09 @ 9:41 P.M.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Memorable....are the moments we share together. There should be more, especially given the fact I want our time to last forever. No other times, with any other person could possibly compare, and even attempting to make 'em do completely and utterly unfair. terms of your own being, your entire essence. Outside of God and family, there's noone and nothing else that comes close to the place you hold in my everyday thoughts. Without you, I'm convinced life would be much more confusing, and I'd most likely be lost. The sun seems brighter, grass is a lil greener, and it's much easier to wake up at the beginning of each day, and it's all because I know the mark you make, in your own special and unique way. the sense that, even though others read the words, the only ones who fully understand this are you and me. It doesn't matter how much is exposed, and how much anyone else can see. The bond we have will never be broken, and can't be purchased with any amount of money, or any type of fee. From now and til the day we're dead and gone, you'll forever be my MVP.

3/3/09 @ 1:14 A.M.

Photo by Collins Metu