Friday, May 29, 2009

E.X.O.T.I.C. (A Spot on the Sand)

Engaging...the atmosphere in which I'm currently in. It's all the evidence needed to know why some vacations should never come to an end. So much peace, and just enough quiet. It's the complete opposite of chaos; 180-degrees from any type of riot...

Xctasy...the level present never seems to disappoint or fail. Anything can be done, with zero chance of your lust being derailed. It's a nice lil high, the perfect type of mix; all the ingredients are present for one to experience an unforgettable type of fix.

Opportunities...are abound the likes of which are rarely seen. It would only need to be said once, and folks will take it for exactly what it means. No hidden messages, smoke signals, or confusion. Everything is right there for the taking, with no reservation or thinking it's some type of illusion..

Temptation...runs rampant, but shit, who would have it any other way? There's something for everyone out here, whether you're straight as a pole, or swing it both ways. At this moment, everyone is cool, and all is well. No more evidence is needed, 'cause this is a story I don't need to wait for time to tell...

Intense...but not in a scream-in-your-face, curse-you-out type of way. It's the kind you gotta see for yourself, where sounds are rarely uttered, to grasp what these feelings are truly attempting to convey..

Come...the only way to know is to be in your own place, your own solitary space, maybe even in surroundings with not one, single familiar face...but it will be worth it. To let loose, and be free, with absolutely no care. It can definitely be done, and when it happens, you can truly be in paradise, and truly become 100% bare...

5/24/09 @ 1:01 P.M.

Location between 13th and 14th: written at some spot on the sand...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blazers, Dunks, and New Orleans: From 35,000 Feet In The Sky

It's hard to pin-point exactly when you made your presence known, yet easy to know you very much have that effect. Your natural vibes make you unique, which makes anyone grateful if they're the one whose company you select. Anyone knows time spent with you will result in absolutely zero regrets, and furthermore knows your authenticity never has to be questioned, since there are no signs of fakeness to detect.

You move to your own rhythm, but still have a way to ride to any beat, if you so choose. It's a rare ability to possess, the feeling of knowing you can literally do just about anything, and doing so with your controls set on cruise.

Even as high as 35,000 feet, the intrigue constantly remains. Visions of Blazers, Dunks, and N.O. is solely what my mind contains. Ironically, it isn't due to any fascination with sneakers, their brands, or an attempt to visit any particular place. It's simply from knowing these few things, as well as others, contribute to leaving an indelible mark on everyone's face...

5/26/09 @ 11:32 A.M.

Photo by Niels displayed

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fuck It.

Not too sure where it went wrong, and at this point, the desire to figure out is all but dead. Anytime it seems like things are gonna be different, they turn out to be just like the stories that have already been read. Any other time, it woulda been charged to the game, and simply just marked up as a learned lesson. But just when it seems like that revelation and conclusion will come, it leads to an unexpected confession. The fact're missed.

The wound is still fresh, and it'll heal itself over time, even as it leaves a scar. It'll be looked at constantly, treated, and examined with care. And, unlike previous times, this bruise won't have me put my guard or defenses up. I'll end up going all-out, more than ever, even at the expense of my soul being exposed and totally bare...

5/19/09 @ 1:44 A.M.

Photo by Clifton Henri

Monday, May 11, 2009

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Some measure distance by the miles on a map, or maybe even the time left on a clock. The effects it brings can be so distant, yet still linger, like the faintest sound of a knock. At times, it seems like you're right there, and things will be just as before. But then reality hits, and events will push us apart, just like they have before...

You would think state lines separate us, but in actuality, it's something far less. It's the type of thing which you know you can't do much about, so it simply brings you more stress. It doesn't make it any easier when both people acknowledge what's missed, and they've been on each other's mind. Despite all that, the space remains, and the peace you're looking for, you'll never find.

So close, yet so far away; it's that simple, and there's no other way for it to be said. Sooner or later, it'll work itself out, and this matter will finally find a way to put itself to bed.

5/11/09 @ 11:30 P.M.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Peace of Mind

It's the number one key to my survival and essential to my growth. With it, I'm exceptional and without it, I'm no different than most. Thank God for keeping my sanity intact, especially in times where there was the potential to unwind. More than ever now, I realize the value and importance of a peace of mind.

It's more important than any amount of money, fortune, or fame. The desire to maintain it takes precedence over any person, regardless of their stature or name. It can come off as somewhat blunt, but to me, it's certainly not to be played with, and it's far from a game. At one time, it may have been low on the totem pole, but now that it's here, my outlook on life has never been the same.

From now on until my time is up, events will occur in which I hold no power or control. When it happens, a step back will be taken to regroup, before I get myself together, and fall back in line. And throughout that time, my faith and sanity will never waver, and it's all due to having a complete and total peace of mind.

05/07/09 @ 11:21 P.M.

Photo by Clifton Henri