Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Awakening

Pondering these thoughts while sittin' at this desk. Exhausted as hell, yet, unable to rest. It could easily have been your teammate, or your closest friend. We're led to believe there's change, but this nightmare still has yet to end.

It's not about what we're doin' wrong. It's finally about what we're doin' right. Not how "The Dream" is dead, but how others have stepped to the plate, doin' their part to uphold the light.

It's ironic how some dismiss this as no big deal; simply conditioned to accept this form of treatment. It could just as well be your cousin, or your bigger brother. Then imagine being the one having to pick up the phone, and call this child's mother...and tell her she lost a son. But not to the streets; that's too predictable. But to a system much more malicious, and has him layin' dead at someone's cold and unforgiving feet.

If it affects one, then it affects all of us. And if it aint true, then try tellin' that to the folks who came from all over, and got on the take a stand, and make our points perfectly clear. It's what the opposition aint tryna see; all of us on one accord, and believe it or not, that's their BIGGEST FEAR.

9/20/07 @ 10:21 P.M.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Simplistic Beauty

Joy doesn't come from the obvious anymore; it comes from the little things. It aint gettin' the seven digits that make up her number anymore, excluding her area code. It's the smiles on both of our faces when one of us initially says hi, and the other eagerly says...hello.

Never been the one to keep up with the joneses; not the type that fits a certain brand, or a particular mold. It's why I'll go without shaving for weeks, the reason I love songs with no beat; it's why I'm filled with joy at the sight of this treat, and why I don't mind lookin' both ways before crossin' the street...

Girls in the videos don't do shit for me. Neither do the model types. Too pre-packaged, too manufactured, yet fail to live up to all the hype. Besides, it's havin' the juice to the baddest one on the scene one day, then strippin' down to no make-up, sweats, sneakers, and a tee, with ya hair lookin' ANY-WHICH-A-WAY....and still bein' fly as hell. It's the way your presence screams for attention, but you never have to open your mouth, and yell. It's why I'll continue to read your story, your words, and be receptive to anything you wanna share with me, because right now, there's no other place I'd rather be...

It's all because you the vision you bring; it's all because of your simplistic beauty.

9/12/07 @ 2:04 A.M.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Life's Puzzle

With any puzzle, there's an assortment of pieces. Some are pretty obvious, while others need to be sorted through, and can take a while. But once you've put 'em all together, you can finally breathe easier, spread your lips...and smile.

That's pretty much what life is; a big-ass puzzle we're tryna put together, and make sure it all fits. All the pieces have to go together perfectly, from the biggest ones, to the most overlooked bits. My missing pieces aren't people; got plenty of those. It's an event, something I can't quite put my finger on, so I'm payin' even closer attention, and hope I catch it before it passes by...and is totally gone.

With each passing day, hour, and minute, it seems like another piece emerges; something happens to bring this thing closer to it's finish. What may have seemed trivial before gets undivided attention now, and it's significance, I surely will not diminish.

Piecing our own puzzles together is a challenge that we all should take on, but don't; probably because we're afraid to lose, but Imma keep at it, and in the end, I'll be at peace, and will finally be able to set my life's controls on cruise...

9/2/07 @ 3:10 P.M.