Friday, May 23, 2008

Taste Of Your Own Medicine


That's the easiest way to sum it up. The best way to put it, because that's exactly what it is. No matter how you try and analyze it; keep guessing, and you'll just continue to miss. There's no point in even tryna turn it all around. It was a matter of time, before your flight experienced some turbulence...and came crashing to the ground.

Intentional or not, this is what its become. You're not about to go fishing for clues, because that's not your style. It would be easier to stay the course, but you wonder if it's really worth it, because you're not built to go the extra mile. So all you can do is laugh...but in a pitiful sort of way, basically to keep from cryin'. You'll try to build yourself a case, but the better part of you will call you out on it, and pretty much say, "nigga PLEASE; you may as well stop lyin'..." to yourself, more than anyone else.

You've never been the questioning type, because you don't like when folks do it to you, and it may serve yourself best to not even try to flip the script now, just to see if these thoughts you're having in your head are indeed true. Right now, the best thing to do is learn from this lesson, and keep it movin'...'cause as long as you continue on in this battle, you're sure to keep on losin'.

5/23/08 @ 9:58 P.M.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Unsolved Mystery

Folks have called me a mystery of there's more to all this, than what's in their peripheral vision, but there truly is no answer to this question, and I suggest you realize it quickly, before you waste anymore time on this particular mission.

You see, life isn't meant to be figured out in one meeting, or with an initial glance. You gotta be prepared for anything, and be ready if you're lucky enough to receive another chance. I'd be a fool to expose too much of myself initially, and I'd be crazy to expect the same from you, so you're better off just goin' with the flow, and seeing exactly where it can lead to...

But just when you think you got it all figured out, the script will be flipped, and you'll kick yourself angrily, 'cause you heard these exact same words already come from right between my lips. Trying to figure me out will just piss you off; it'll having you wasting too much of your time, and have you workin' way too hard. So go ahead, and just charge it to the game, and as a matter of fact, you can even put it on my card.

5/11/08 @ 1:09 A.M.

Photo by Clifton Henri