Thursday, May 10, 2012


Sometimes, you just gotta say thank you.

Monday, May 07, 2012


I'm pretty sure I've written a post about learning before, but it's that important to me. I'm extremely passionate about learning; it can be formal and informal. I'll learn from a person, experience, a book, a picture, whatever instrument is available and there's something to gain from it, I'm open to it.

When I come across people who are passionate about what they enjoy, it's another type of high; it takes away from the bluster of the everyday bullshit we go through and, for a moment (or two, or three, if you're fortunate), all that stuff ceases to exist.

When people talk about what they dig, their body language changes, the tone in their voice picks up, the conversations extend. There's a lot to be taken from that. When someone is passionate about something, they'll know if you're sincere in being appreciative in what they're sharing. It's not about listening so you can become passionate about it, too; it's moreso about connecting even more, learning about others, what makes them tick, another source that brings them intrigue, life, joy, peace, and all those other pleasant-sounding words.

Right now, I'm learning a lot. For that, I'm beyond thankful.

5/7/12 @ 9:11 P.M.