Saturday, June 30, 2007

ATOK: Part Two

You're beautiful beyond words, and if I was your lead composer, I'd come up with the perfect the song of your life. Since you're the opening act, it's only appropriate that you're the one who keeps 'em coming back. Besides, people don't come to see the undercard, only the headliner. Standing room only; no more seats, but I've never been more eager to stand all night long, so we could finally meet.

I remember sayin' I wanted to, needed to, yearned to, gotta go...for a variety of reasons. It didn't matter how long it took, the time of the year, or regardless of the seasons. Just that I had to go one day, so I could experience you first-hand, and feel your sunshine, or protect you from the rain. Or to become intoxicated by you beyond belief, but have you as my cure too, because, like the top-of-the-line medicine, you bring me maximum relief.

I could go on all day, trust, so I'll leave you with this: too far to feel your rain, so I'll settle for your mist; can't have your touch at the moment, so I'll settle for a blown kiss; it aint Christmas yet, but you're still at the top of my list; you're a shining star, and upon it, I'll continue to wish; and as for the other countries, there's no need to update my passport. They may as well not exist...

6/18/07 @ 12: 28 A.M.