Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Words do you no justice; there isn't a way they can be put together to describe your effects. Maybe it's already been done by now, and even though I'm not totally certain, I've already chalked it up as one of my few regrets...of not being the first one to tell you how beautiful you are, and how kind your heart is; how my mouth breaks into a smile upon hearing your voice, watching you walk, or just taking in your scent. Enough time has gone by to realize its been some of the best that's ever been spent.

Even when there are no words exchanged, the thoughts still remain. It goes through my body, and flows through every single vein; it's evident in my speech, and it's the fast-acting relief for any type of pain. Who knows what'll happen in the future, and it's no one's job to try and predict it; that's not even close to my style. Right now, you consume my thoughts 24/7, and I'm cool with that...whether it's long-lasting, or only for a little while.

7/30/08 @ 11:36 P.M.

Photo by Shannon Mowling

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Kindness... is evident before we even touch each other's lips. You could be on the other side of town, and I'd still feel your pull, and their tips. I gotta have you close to me, and have my hands wrapped completely around your hips...even if it's only for a moment. We have a way of making something so brief...last a lifetime.

Intense...feels TOO good to me, so I never want it to end. It's the song on my personal soundtrack, that I can listen to over and over again. Your taste is addictive, stronger than any drug known to man. It has effects that should cause it to be completely and totally banned. Even if it was, I'd still break the law...just to get it. It's that real.

Seductive...enticing, alluring. It's both of these things, and more. Even in its simplest form, it's impossible to get to the core...of what makes it what it is. It's so powerful, it could be considered lethal. Even with that, in your possession, it's strangely something regal.

Serene...even with its other elements, there's a level of peaceness that comes everytime it's exchanged. It can be quick and brief, or filled with length, with a surreal amount of range. Long or short; drawn-out or brief. It's something that, as soon as we depart, I already miss. Something so simple to others, means the world to me, and it's the feel...of your KISS.

7/24/08 @ 10:56 P.M.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sorry for this not being a poem; I just don't have much to say right now.

It's a lil after one in the morning, but I'm not up, due to anything bad going on, or too many thoughts creeping in my mind. I'm up reading Dreams From My Father, by Obama.

I've been reading it for about a week now, and since about 9 PM this evening, straight-through. I hope the cat who's running for President is as trill as the dude who's in this book (he was in his mid-30s when he wrote this). It may seem odd to see what I'm saying, but if you've read it, or will read it, you'll see exactly what I mean. Basically, I just hope he hasn't, or doesn't, get poisoned by outside bullshit, or anything else that can a detriment, or not be sincere.

I'm gonna end this now, and get back to my reading. Be easy.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Black Women: Part Three

  • Part I

  • Part II

  • This begins by saying an apology is in order. It's necessary for the times we took your presence for granted. It's crucial for the instances where it was us who became disillusioned and disenchanted...but the disappointment should be placed on us, for not doing our part to continually treat you like queens. We should take the sole responsibility for not cherishing the greatest gift our eyes have ever seen.

    We should love all of you the way we love our mothers and our daughters; unconditionally, as the central figures in just about any brother's life. We should cherish you completely, whether you're a teacher, lawyer, or our very own wife. There's no justification for you being reduced to an object, a tool, or a toy. You should be handled like the gems you are, and placed on a pedestal for giving the world your love and irreplaceable joy.

    These words are the opposite of empty; they're filled with the sincerity of Black men everywhere, who vow to do better, and to place you back on your throne where you belong. We know if you're by our side, it gives us our best chance to make it, and the least chance to ever go wrong. So from the bottom of our collective hearts, we apologize, and make a pledge to treat you as the definition of a queen, simply from knowing the vision of you will continue to be the greatest gift our eyes will ever see.

    7/9/08 @ 1:15 P.M.

    Photo by Clifton Henri