Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Awakening

Pondering these thoughts while sittin' at this desk. Exhausted as hell, yet, unable to rest. It could easily have been your teammate, or your closest friend. We're led to believe there's change, but this nightmare still has yet to end.

It's not about what we're doin' wrong. It's finally about what we're doin' right. Not how "The Dream" is dead, but how others have stepped to the plate, doin' their part to uphold the light.

It's ironic how some dismiss this as no big deal; simply conditioned to accept this form of treatment. It could just as well be your cousin, or your bigger brother. Then imagine being the one having to pick up the phone, and call this child's mother...and tell her she lost a son. But not to the streets; that's too predictable. But to a system much more malicious, and has him layin' dead at someone's cold and unforgiving feet.

If it affects one, then it affects all of us. And if it aint true, then try tellin' that to the folks who came from all over, and got on the take a stand, and make our points perfectly clear. It's what the opposition aint tryna see; all of us on one accord, and believe it or not, that's their BIGGEST FEAR.

9/20/07 @ 10:21 P.M.

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