Saturday, November 24, 2007

Open Book

My life is an open book for all who are willing to read. Some elements are familiar; just like your stories, filled with characters, and plenty of memorable scenes.

But there are some parts that aren't as attractive, and just aren't as nice. The times when I didn't know where I was headed, times when it seemed like there would never be an end to those long, excruciating nights. Episodes that played like re-runs, with no hope of a new season in sight. Someone would come in for the occasional cameo, then would be gone, just like on any regular show. So, it was back to square one, frustrated with another one ending the same, and realizing that I'm the common element in these endings, and it was really just my foolish ways that needed to "exit stage left," and go.

But all isn't entirely bad. There have been plenty of good things; plenty of fun times. Plenty of days where all flows together beautifully, and everything seems to fit together, and rhyme...and be in tune, more than enough days with sunshine, and just as many nights with nothing in the sky but a full moon. My favorite stories from people leave me plenty to think over; it isn't just thrown on the surface for me to see. If a mind is open and fertile enough to accept mine, they won't even have to ask if it's them that I'm talkin' about, because it probably will be.

And there are still questions that need to be answered, and for that, I'll dig endlessly, and get to the root of it, and since this is my most effective form of therapy, I'm eager to do so, even if I'm only finding solace bit, by every little bit...

11/24/07 @ 1:18 P.M.
Photo by Clifton Henri

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virtue5 said...

i like this one a lot sir.