Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Struggle for Words: Part Two

It's been a whole week; seven entire days; 168 long hours...and the feeling still remains. The thoughts remain at the front of my mind, and still remain unchanged. By now, you would think something, ANYTHING, could be constructed to describe just how fly you are, and how much swagger you possess; the way the mood changes when you arrive, and your mere being leaving countless others obsessed. It's a damn shame that words yet to be put together, but the determination to do so is very much there, even if it takes forever...

...and since forever has no limits, there won't be any when it comes to telling the world about you. Others have said similar things, so it's not as if you're too good to be true. More like...you fly under-the-radar, but you're certainly noticed and seen. Best believe when people get a glimpse of you, they'll forever be addicted just like a fiend...always feeling the need for more.

So if it takes an eternity, so be it. All doors will be knocked upon, and phone numbers will be dialed, and even when it gets tiresome, the look on my face will remain fixed with a smile. There's no other choice; struggling for words is hard, but the desire burns to find the right ones, with no need to look cool or be clever. There's no way I'll stop tryin' to do so...even if it takes forever.

12/09/08 @ 10:09 A.M.


bbgcmac said...

poetically smooth!

Muze said...


this is dopeness, K. straight dopeness.

Jade said...