Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Humility...is essential and can be gained through many an event. It's a crucial component to have, especially not knowing exactly what life will present. It's important to always be modest, and constantly remain humble, because just as quick as things can be good, they can just as soon crumble.

Opportunities...are abound, yet some can also be created. With enough work and a little luck, you never know where you will be. More doors could be opened up, that you never thought you would see. When the time comes, and it's something you want, chase after it, and do so at full-speed. Besides, you may do so well the first time, that it'll be one of the few breaks you're ever gonna need.

Perseverance...will be key, especially if things don't go your way, or according to your time. Just know it'll happen sooner or later, even if it appears to be past your prime. Some days will be easy, while others are bound to be tough, but sticking to your vision will get you through, despite the fact the travel may be a little rough...

Extraordinary..are the rewards reaped by holding steady to your mission and beliefs. Once it's all said and done, joy will overcome all feelings, along with a sense of relief. The journey can be the most challenging part of the ride, and you may feel you're constantly at the end of your rope. But it can also be the most gratifying, especially if you retain your hope.

4/14/09 @ 11:06 P.M.

Photo by Clifton Henri

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