Sunday, May 23, 2010

R.F.K. The Conclusion

Life has a way of bringing thoughts to the surface. What was once in your mind becomes all too real. What was once just something you envisioned ended up becoming something you embrace and can feel.

Thing is...what to do? What's done when a vision becomes reality? Do you embrace it, or do you run? Do you treat it like it's toxic, or do you relish it and have some fun? The latter was the choice, and even though it's led to this, a stoppage of sorts, where things were said that weren't necessarily prepared for, it's still something that will be treasured forever and a day, even if those days may end up being no more.

You can know someone so well, but when they occupy a different space in your life, you learn to know them all over again. Despite the fact the foundation is laid, you still have to work, and let 'em know this is for real, and not pretend. When it was just a figment of my imagination, the only parts that surfaced were the good; no thoughts rarely surfaced of anything that could be seen as bad. Never one time do you think that person, or you, can do something that leaves you confused, bewildered, or mad.

After thinking it over, the feelings of anger are gone, and are instead replaced with knowing that all things, good or bad, have a way of coming to an end. But since it's well-known that who this is intended for will see it, despite the conclusion, there'd be zero hesitation to do it all over again.

5/23/10 @ 1:39 A.M.
Photo by Clifton Henri


Don said...

Sounds like one of those good problems.

Nah seriously I believe that I understand the sentiment expressed here. We might be similar in the sense that we can actually envision a particular something, yet, when it becomes reality, we realize that we aren't mentally prepared for that which we never imagined.

Like yourself, whenever I find myself in this situation, oh, you already know, I am ALL in.

Experience is the best teacher in the world, I say.

krisaela said...

Blog more. You've been warned.