Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mind. Body. Soul.

I've always made it a point to harp on the importance of mind, body, and soul...and now, more than ever, it's at the extreme and has taken on an invaluable and irreplaceable role.

Mind is working harder than ever before. Refining certain techniques. Learning a new language. It's all fun.

Body is being pushed in ways that hasn't been pushed before. Five days a week at the gym working out. That part's not new, but the methods are. There's a curiosity in incorporating a routine that I've never been consistent with before.

My soul is free. Even in times of uncertainty, and a time that could be better, I feel free.

It's never felt better to be alive.

4/27/11 @ 3:18 P.M.

Photo taken by danielfem7


-j. claude- said...

"It's never felt better to be alive"

Indeed brother, indeed.


Xay B. said...

Definitely like the picture going along with the theme.

Tidbits of Torah said...

The Soul: What is the good that I will attain from renouncing it, and the evil that will befall me if I continue with it?