Monday, October 10, 2011

Nothing went according to plan

So the last time I posted, my plan was to live it up, right?

The plan was to go party with old-school players and old-school girls. The plan was to go tailgate all day Saturday at a football game. The plan was to get a haircut, take my clothes to the cleaners, buy some sneakers, milk, and get a refrigerator to put in my office. Oh, and the plan was to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Cowboys.

Well, I didn't do any of those things. Nope, not one.

What I did do was run. A lot. I slept, too. A lot (well, when I wasn't at work.) Maybe this weekend, the fortunes will change. All of the elements are in place for that to occur. If so, then perhaps my next entry will be a lil' more live.

Until then, it's back to watching beisbol, and starting a new book.

10/10/11 @ 7:37 P.M.


404 said...

Are you enjoying "Sweetness"? I think it should be rather interesting.

SoulOnIce said...

I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far. It's a good one, especially the parts about his childhood.