Sunday, January 01, 2012


2011 ended on a decent enough note. In regards to some folks who are in my life, as well as the space they occupy, there was plenty of clarity provided which will make today, as well as the other 365 following, a smooth one.

Don't get it twisted; there have been times where things have been charged to the game in the past, but this time it seemed like God pretty much said, "Look, man; decide what to do and do it now." Well, that's exactly what's happened and because of that, I can go into the new year and leave certain events and certain people in the rear view.

I can also say there are people who were around who will be around in the future and, for that, I thank God for providing clarity for that as well, as opposed to not knowing. That's never been the case before. Stuff would tend to carry over, but this time, it won't happen...and that feels good.

As for the first 30 minutes and change into the new year, it's being spent in solitude, with The Godfather Part II on the Hoshitoshi, SOS Band playing on the computer and with Teddy P's autobiography just underway; literally, I'm on page five.

1/1/12 @ 12:36 A.M.

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