Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Insanity, New Reading Material and the Barbershop

Three more days.

Three more days until I'm done with Insanity. As much as I love the workout, I'm ready for it to be over with. Getting in the gym as early as 5:30 in the morning, six days a week, has been a grind. You would think I've been doing this so I can get healthy, or because I have some big redemption story or something like that, right? No. I've done it, so my abs will come out. That's literally the only reason why.

After reading Dr. Steve Perry's book, Push Has Come To Shove, (a damn good one, by the way), I have nothing to read right now...which sucks, because an idle mind is a devil's playground, or whatever the saying is.

Anyway, I ordered a book written by Mark Titus and one by Josh Luchs, and when they arrive, they'll serve as a healthy distraction from the usual day-to-day mumbo-jumbo.

Oh...with the end of Insanity comes....a return to the barbershop! I vowed not to get a haircut or shave until I finished this crap, and come Friday, it'll be a wrap and I'll be in the chair, gettin' faded up. Don't get it twisted; I've still been walking with my head held high and with the utmost amount of dignity a man can possess, but there's nothing like a fresh cut to make a man feel like a real man.

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globetracer said...

Sounds like a long hard road, but congrats!
PS- The beard looks good, you should keep that. :)