Sunday, June 02, 2013


Another long night on deck, and even though these seem normal, it can still make me feel like a complete and total wreck.

Some are accidents, where it's not about getting upset at a person, but more so the situation...the factors at hand. When that's the case, getting angry does no good, so my disposition has to stay cool, the fire in me has to be fanned.

That's what accidents are all about. There's no one to blame. But what if it isn't an accident. Just carelessness with no regard to how one's actions can have an effect on another being. Can a person be so caught up in the moment that they disregard the pain that they're seeing? Maybe it is, especially when a motto is to look out for number one...and if that means someone gets hurt or insulted along the way, well, they can just get on with their day and fun.

Common courtesy is becoming a lost art, a thing of the past...almost like seeing a unicorn or hearing a record on a record player play in its own distinct sound. As if you go ahead and show it to someone, they acknowledge it briefly, yet smile and move on around. It's not a "woe is me," but more like a sign of the times. And at this point, it's better to charge it to the game and proceed to another destination, with no hopes of any similar crimes.

6/2/13 @ 2:48 A.M.