Saturday, July 07, 2007

I think we all have our different sides that makes us who we are, an alter-ego, of sorts. Hell, TI's even made it marketable to express it, with his latest album (TI VS TIP). It doesn't necessarily make us crazy or throwed off; if anything, it makes us more sane, and exposes our vulnerability (which is NOT synonymous with weakness). With that said, on my mind right now is relationships between men and women. In the words of the great philosopher, Brooks Hatlen (the old, White prisoner in the Shawshank Redemption), "the world went off, and got itself in a big damn hurry." I'm sayin' that, because it seems like people think jumpin' into a relationship cures all ills, and if not everything, damn near all of 'em.

Personally, I've been in one exclusive relationship my entire life (2003). I've never really been the type of dude to think a relationship solves everything, between a man and a woman. I see people hop in and out of relationships all the damn time, and when I see that, it's aggravating, and even worse, I end up feelin' sorry for that person, because they really have the concept twisted up.

I think everyone should experience heart-break one good time, so they know true love does exist, and that love is indeed real. All the intangibles, the stuff that aint in the "how-to" books, can only be gained through experience, and even...through pain. It shouldn't scar them for life, but it should be used as a learning tool. For the ones who have found their true love the first time around, and are with them right now, and have never been hurt by that person, more power to you, and I PRAY that you never have your heart broken, because I honestly don't think you'll be able to recover from it, not at my age. After I got mine broke, I was so scared to give my all to anyone else that I just hurt people, thinking I was protecting my feelings. In retrospect, it was foolish, but it's all apart of my growth and maturity. I was 20 years old, a scared lil boy at the time, so just imagine the episodes since then. If I was to experience my first heartbreak NOW, at 24, aint no tellin' how I'd be able to recover, so I'm glad it happened early.

There's a side of me that truly believes in love, true love, authentic love, and that it does exist between two people, and I know it'll happen for me one day, when it's time. That side is the one you'll probably be exposed to the most in this blog. Then, there's the other side that laughs at people who THINK they're in love, but they're really just enamored by the IDEA of love, and not that person, which will eventually lead to a road going downhill.

To sum this all up, love is REAL. I believe it does exist between two people, so you'll never hear me curse love to hell, bash it to the point of no return, and all that other madness. When it's genuine, it's the greatest feeling in the world. With that said, don't be in such a damn rush to get it; when it comes, it'll be well worth the wait.


J-Bigg said...

I responded on Myspace, but I decided to go ahead and make it post over here on my own blog. Great topic my man!!!

tiffany said...

over the past couple of years i have gotten to be pretty bitter. I'm 22 years young right now but I have had my heart broken twice. The first time was shame on him, the seccond time I think I was still hurt from the first heart break and I was trying to mask those emotions by being with someone else. and I fell in love with someone who truly wasnt worth my breath.

I personally think people jump into relationships because they are afraid to be alone, and they are too insecure to take things slow durring the "dating process" (the getting to know eachother phase) so they take a few things they find that they like (looks, sense of humor) and jump right in...then later they find out the person is irresponsible with money, or abusive when he is flags could have been seen prior to jumping into that relationship but were ignored because of the eagerness of simply being in one.

I know that since my heart break i can love the same, if not more..but I think i have gotten so tired of being the only one that loves so deeply and not feeling any of that back, so that tends to make me a little bit harder to aproach and get through to...and maybe a little bitter.

i just blogged here.
i liked your post LOL

Peach said...

I blogged as Tiffany...I dont know why google did that, but this is my blog name and my useable link to my blog! ;)

SoulOnIce said...

@ Jeremy - you already know what it is. We inspire each other, my brother!

@ Peach - trust, I was the same way, but you can miss out on a good thing, if you allow your heart to be hardened. Things will get better; it'll just take time. I've added you on here, so I'll be coming by to check you out :-)