Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grown People's Advisory

Note: The following post contains language that is not the everyday verbage that is found at this place of residence. With that being said, Grown People's Discretion is strongly advised :-)

*deep breath*

You know, I usually don't sweat things, or people. It really takes a lot to truly, TRULY piss me off. Granted, things do indeed get under my skin (bad grammar, people thinking there's a woman who is actually BADDER than Halle Berry, someone saying Kobe is better than Jordan), but they hardly fester or come up to the point where I truly get angry by it. I just remove that person, or those thoughts, from my existence. Lately though, I can't say that's been the case. Lately, things have happened that have pissed me off, almost to the point of no return, and when that happens, you can't tell me SHIT. By then, I'll feel like I've already voiced my opinions and concerns in a respectful manner, way before I ever had to lose my cool. However, in this case, I figure writing about it is better than me cussin' somebody out, because I'd rather not let anyone have THAT MUCH control over my emotions.

The easiest ways to truly piss me off, and make me not wanna fuck with you, on any level, is to make me feel like I'm kicking a dead horse (a.k.a. repeating myself), or insulting my intelligence.

I'm far from perfect, trust me. I'll be the first to admit that I've done some fucked-up shit in my travels. I've hurt people's feelings, played people, and, at times, been a horrible friend. After extensive examination, I realized I was scared, stupid, and EXTREMELY inconsiderate. Some people may not see it that way, but I consider myself to truly be my own toughest critic. Plus, I think it really takes a lot to own up to your role in how things go, and if you can, and not blame everyone else for why shit doesn't work out, then you are truly being an adult, and exhibiting growth. With that being said, my episodes of bad endings, unnecessary incidents, and all that other shit have lessened big-time. If I meet someone now, and I KNOW I can't do a damn thing for 'em, I'll tell 'em, up front. If we get together, and it doesn't feel right, I'll tell 'em. It won't even be after I sleep with 'em (had to throw that in, because even THAT doesn't motivate me to use my powers for evil anymore). It's better to be 100 than to lie to yourself and another person, who is investing their time and their effort in you. Plus, there's something called KARMA that will come back, and get at you EVERY...SINGLE...TIME.

With that being said, if there's an issue that's being had (in one case, lack of communication), don't roll up on me like nothing has ever happened, especially if I don't know why the hell we stopped talkin' in the first place, EVEN after I asked. I understand doing things on your own time, but when the conversation is initiated from you to me, hello is cool. After that, we need to discuss what's really important. If not, and you dodge it, I'll either (a) STRAIGHT-ignore you, or (b) speak out of cordiality, but nothing more, probably ever. More than likely, I go with Option B.

Okay, enough venting (at least publicly). I pride myself in being optimistic, and always doing my best to exude positivity. With that being said, there will be no more public displays like this...hahahaha. Be easy.


virtue5 said...

return of the angry black man lol (j/k)

novisi said...

a passer-by cries out: vent out man!

i share option (B) with you...i think it's a powerful tool too!

so vent it...and there must be more...publicly!

spiritual greetings!

JACK said...

Just passin' through - no need for that disclaimer at the beginning of this post, lol. You were pretty tame. Jus droppin' a line to cosign on that KARMA comment. Yes. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Don said...

i know what you mean about karma - i try to be friends with karma and hope that she doesn't cross me, again. that ish hurts.

i used to be one to ignore complete ignorance but shanae assured me that's not the way to go. now watch her turn around and ignore me, eventually.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Fly Guy said...

I totally co-sing your feelings against repeating yourself. I'll assess what I just said to a person, and if in that millisecond, I find no reason for it not to have been digested/ heard/understood, I'm ready to drop the entire subject.

McFly said...

Thats a good vent, I gotta try that public venting out. Well said hope your at peace now