Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Words do you no justice; there isn't a way they can be put together to describe your effects. Maybe it's already been done by now, and even though I'm not totally certain, I've already chalked it up as one of my few regrets...of not being the first one to tell you how beautiful you are, and how kind your heart is; how my mouth breaks into a smile upon hearing your voice, watching you walk, or just taking in your scent. Enough time has gone by to realize its been some of the best that's ever been spent.

Even when there are no words exchanged, the thoughts still remain. It goes through my body, and flows through every single vein; it's evident in my speech, and it's the fast-acting relief for any type of pain. Who knows what'll happen in the future, and it's no one's job to try and predict it; that's not even close to my style. Right now, you consume my thoughts 24/7, and I'm cool with that...whether it's long-lasting, or only for a little while.

7/30/08 @ 11:36 P.M.

Photo by Shannon Mowling


Don said...


Believe me when I tell you this - I've been there. I've been to that place where past thoughts of a past love actually consumed 24/7.

That is what led me to believe that love isn't love until its passed.

Muze said...

awww. very sweet.

i too, have been there.

nicely put.

off topic, donald goines looks like my daddy in that picture. hahaha. no really, he does. like, exactly.

and... tupac looks like my husband. sigh. lol.

Pyt08 said...

sooo been there described it wonderfully... where do you find these awesome pictures?