Sunday, November 02, 2008

Compilation of Thoughts

Some people are truly only around for a season. No need in tryin' to make 'em stay around longer.

There's a lesson learned in every interaction, big or small.

At 26 years old, I have officially retired from the art of trying to figure women out. It's like kicking a dead horse, especially if we can't do shit for each other.

There are too many good ones around to give time for others who don't want it or don't deserve it.

I'm busy/was busy/been busy (or other variations involving the B-word) is the most tired excuse I've ever heard. I have a lot on my plate too, so the busy stuff is for the birds. Folks make time if it's worth it.

I wish some would just come out and say what they want or don't want. I'll tell you if I aint talking about nothin'. At this point, it'll come early enough before any of our time is wasted.

Women ARE NOT built to be players. AT ALL. Dudes really aint either, because we easily find ways to fuck it up. Best policy is to just be as honest as possible. Lonely, say it. Horny, say it. Just want some company, say it. The worst that can happen is you get an answer you may not want, but it's better than playin' yourself.

My mindset right now pretty much is....charge it to the game.

Just the random thoughts going through my head at the moment. Be easy.


seSi said...

"..charge it to the game."

Those words....this life is such an amazing thing even in the worst moments there is something beautiful happening. to do anything else other than charging it to the game is robbing ones self of the DIVINTY that is life.

For everyone personw ho does not deem you worthy of making time for or investing in, there are numerous who would do just that--family, friends etc. They can't give you that same intimacy a "mate" can but their love is even more grand.

Muze said...

well damn. you told them how you felt didn't you? lol.

trying to figure women out is fruitless and will leave you muy frustrated. thought you'd know that by now. lol.

'i'm busy' is certainly a cop out. because you're right, people do make time for what they want.

i think women are better players than men though. you just don't know it because they hardly get caught. lol.

SoulOnIce said...

@ Muze

I know a handful of women who have been successful players in my travels (a handful as in a 9-year-old kid's hand, not LeBron James' hand...hahaha). They were able to separate the dudes they dug from the dudes who were just around, refrained from falling for them when they weren't interested, kept it real with them and themselves, and kept from leading them astray. Point being is I know a handful out of probably 100 times that many who weren't able to pull it off. It just isn't in your make-up, but there are always exceptions to the rule :-)

Muze said...

ok. i will agree.

women do def get caught up in emotions, most times.

i thought you were speaking on cheating, basically.

Pyt08 said...

i wish more men were upfront and as honest as you.