Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Memorable....are the moments we share together. There should be more, especially given the fact I want our time to last forever. No other times, with any other person could possibly compare, and even attempting to make 'em do so...is completely and utterly unfair.

Valuable...in terms of your own being, your entire essence. Outside of God and family, there's noone and nothing else that comes close to the place you hold in my everyday thoughts. Without you, I'm convinced life would be much more confusing, and I'd most likely be lost. The sun seems brighter, grass is a lil greener, and it's much easier to wake up at the beginning of each day, and it's all because I know the mark you make, in your own special and unique way.

Personal...in the sense that, even though others read the words, the only ones who fully understand this are you and me. It doesn't matter how much is exposed, and how much anyone else can see. The bond we have will never be broken, and can't be purchased with any amount of money, or any type of fee. From now and til the day we're dead and gone, you'll forever be my MVP.

3/3/09 @ 1:14 A.M.

Photo by Collins Metu

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NoBettaDoBetta.Period. said...

You reached way down and got this, even though I believe this was the easiest post for you to write b/c it came from the heart. Writing from the head is rewarding b/c of the conquest. Writing from the heart is rewarding b/c of the liberation of the soul.

As you once told me, "I respect this post." I have lived these very words that you have spoken on this page. In my opinion, only those that have truly been IN LOVE can really, as us young people say...feel you.

Kudos brother Masenda. Kudos.