Sunday, March 15, 2009

Once Upon A Time

There used to be the days when a four-word question was all that needed to asked. It was the simplest one yet, and was as clear as could possibly be. It could be verbal, written, or otherwise, and it was you like me?

Void of all the confusion of times past, and allergic to any excuses. The answer was either...yes or no. Rarely did someone have it in 'em to create another box, and fill it in with "maybe so." Even if that was to happen, you could probably be mad for a minute, but you'd laugh about it later, 'cause you'd know that even with the uncertainty, you were bound for something due time.

Maybe one day, when we all get old and gray, this phrase will become simple again. It won't be about exes, hurt feelings, tryna find yourself, or anything else. It'll simply be about having that feeling in your body, and knowing that one person makes your entire being melt. The note will be passed, the answer will come back, and you'll immediately know your fate. And if it's the one that lets you know you're a winner, we'll begin to put together our very first date.

3/15/09 @ 10:25 P.M.


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Yes, when did it all become so complicated? If I like you and you like me then nothing else should matter, right?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

it is that simple if we are honest with ourselves first

virtue5 said...

the good ol' days

Muze said...