Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blazers, Dunks, and New Orleans: From 35,000 Feet In The Sky

It's hard to pin-point exactly when you made your presence known, yet easy to know you very much have that effect. Your natural vibes make you unique, which makes anyone grateful if they're the one whose company you select. Anyone knows time spent with you will result in absolutely zero regrets, and furthermore knows your authenticity never has to be questioned, since there are no signs of fakeness to detect.

You move to your own rhythm, but still have a way to ride to any beat, if you so choose. It's a rare ability to possess, the feeling of knowing you can literally do just about anything, and doing so with your controls set on cruise.

Even as high as 35,000 feet, the intrigue constantly remains. Visions of Blazers, Dunks, and N.O. is solely what my mind contains. Ironically, it isn't due to any fascination with sneakers, their brands, or an attempt to visit any particular place. It's simply from knowing these few things, as well as others, contribute to leaving an indelible mark on everyone's face...

5/26/09 @ 11:32 A.M.

Photo by Niels displayed

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