Tuesday, September 22, 2009


By your own admission, life is a comedy, and as long as anyone has noticed, you always enjoyed a good flick. But there's a reason why you've always been more than meets the eye, simply because there's no particular way of knowing exactly what makes you tick.

To some, you're the lady behind the bar, keepin' people feeling good by fixing 'em a drink. To others, you're the woman who keeps makes folks experience a variety of thoughts and emotions, simply due to their admiration of how you think. It leaves 'em speechless, or simply with their tongues tied. They know you mean business, whether they like it or not, and know what you say can't be confused for a lie. That smile, demeanor, and loyalty all contribute to what's before their sight, yet they also know you'll be blunt in a second, and always remember that your bark is nowhere near as lethal as your bite.

There's plenty more about you that meets the eye, and tryna sum it up briefly would be impossible, and with that, maybe they'll be more to see. For now though, continue to be that free bird that stays flyin' high, that a majority of people only wish they could be.

9/22/09 @ 4:56 P.M.