Thursday, December 17, 2009

Love Re-defined

Using the word "love," when it comes to you, has never been enough. Besides, it's a word that's been used plenty of times before. To come up with another term is worth the effort, since you're entire being is one I've come to adore.

See, I know what love feels like, and it never felt like this. Knowing the sound of your voice is one that, even in a crowded room, I couldn't possibly miss. Or the fact that our lips don't even have to touch, yet I can still feel your kiss, and realizing you came through and surpassed any and every guideline that comprises a prototypical list.

That aint love at all; it's something deeper, and much stronger. Gettin' you outta my system is a process that's simply gonna take a lil longer. Then again, the slightest sight, sound, or instant can trigger a variety of memories in my mind. Maybe that's what it means to understand a love re-defined.

12/17/09 @ 4:12 A.M.


ljkelly said...


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Funny how we long for something and have no idea how to handle it or manage it when we get it. It blows our minds and fear forces us to retreat.

Great post.

Don said...

magnified to such a degree that part or all of us begins to fear that we will be compromised in some shape, form or fashion. i feel you.

kenyasbody said...

This is really nice.