Monday, March 22, 2010


When people fall at significantly different speeds, someone usually hits the ground hard. - "Jenkins"

...and just like that, the feeling was replayed.

The sound it made was unexpected, and even if there was a warning, no preparation was sufficient enough to avoid its sure-fire dent. It's worse than knowing you're about to be put out for being deliquent on the last three months rent...but this aint about a coupla bills and some change. The depth of this blow couldn't be detected with the sharpest of shooter's range. And while the other party got a band-aid to cover up the blow, there wasn't enough stitches in the world to stop this blood and its flow...from what happened from the fall. It's exactly why there's a reluctance to try, even when knowing the opposite of this results in the greatest thrill. It's just that after that last fall, it seems wise to retreat to the sidelines, and chill.

3/22/10 @ 12:29 A.M.


virtue5 said...

i like this one.

Don said...

I wouldn't say that you are talking out of your ass....cause I've experienced the sentiment myself. I cannot really put it into words, but I know the feeling.

Definitely makes a person want to chill afterward. LOL! Who are you telling?!

krisaela said...

:) I'm glad (for now) That I didn't sit on the sidelines. Praise the Lord for Tacos. ;)

But if I bust my ass on this one, I'm changin my name, movin' to Idaho, becomin' a potato lesbo. You heard it here first.