Sunday, March 07, 2010


2. an event, occurence, etc. that sets off a chain reaction.

Thoughts of you returned again, and this time, there was no attempt to figure out why. It stemmed from something coming up soon; staring me in the face, despite no attempt to figure it out or try. Is it fair that something totally unrelated finds a way to still come along? Just like when you put on a seemingly different record, in essence, it sounds just like the same old song.

Someone once said love is stronger than pride, and in it, all of the lyrics ring true. It would be foolish to think it applies to any and everyone, but it certainly does to you. However, there's a peace in knowing, one day, thoughts will stop becoming words on paper, as it goes for this tale. Days will continue on as always, with not a single doubt or fail. You're not like the others, and to say you are, would be a lie I'm not willing to endorse. Yet, peace of mind is the priority now, and it's officially taken the front seat on this course.

3/7/10 @ 1-something this afternoon


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You captured the sentiment. Believe me when I say this my brother - I have been there, back and forth, forth and back, but it definitely reached the point where peace of mind felt so much better and safer.

Enjoyed the heartfelt read.