Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Embedded...laid up together, with scant sounds. The scene's too vivid. This can't be real...and even though it's not in my visual, it's something I can still see and totally feel.

Sounds of The Root playing in the back, while you lay between my legs, nestled close, your glass of wine on the side, and hair grazing the bottom of my chin. If I was to fall asleep, it would only be to wake up and experience this feeling all over again...

The most intimate time, you with something in your hands, with things even lighter gliding between your fingers...me behind you with one of my own, allowing this to last forever, while every detail lingers.

The sounds of pages turning are the only other ones next to the music and our respective breaths. It truly is something to see. Never have I been more eager to relax, release, let go...and just read.

7/27/10 @ 2:35 A.M.


Don said...

You just shattered all beliefs that a man cannot find intimacy in anything other than a woman.

Brain food - that's the business.

Lola Gets said...



KellyAnn said...

I like!