Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not Ready

When the thoughts were in my head, they all sounded good and flowed so well. Yet once they went on paper, they looked like shit, which left me frustrated as hell. It sucks not being able to share, to elaborate on lust, passion, know, the thoughts that can keep anyone up late at night. Too bad they're confined to my dome, because sharing them outwardly woulda been some kinda sight.

Soon enough "the jones" will return; all I gotta do is be cool, and remain steady. Until then, bits and pieces will do the trick, and as far as anything extensive need to rush it. I'm simply not ready.

7/15/10 @ 5:09 A.M.


Sinnamon Jones said...

Writers Block. I know the feeling. I'll be waiting....

mskenyabaybay said...

When it comes, let it flow. We are waiting sir!