Wednesday, September 15, 2010

T.D.I.R. Part Two

It's one of those dreams that came while being wide-awake again.

Weights on my shoulders, lowering myself down and rising back up. The exercise is routine, yet the thoughts swirling within were anything but.

Something flashed quickly in my mind, but it had to wait. It dangled right in my face, and didn't even require any kind of bait. Can this really be done? Does it even have to? It would be more efficient to do it the old-fashioned way, but doing it like this may lead to more discovery than words, sentences, and other correspondence can ever say.

It's something to think about, and best believe, it won't take long. All it's gonna take is a lil' reassurance, and just like that, I'll be gone.

9/15/10 @ 3:58 A.M.


404 said...

I AM curious to know where the road looks awfully beautiful. Enjoy your journey. (^_^)

jordn23 said...

I'm Feeling the same way. I'll just zone out thinking about my future && dreams and how I want life to be. How much work I'll put in & how I'll feel when my hard work pays off...I'm with you!

virtue5 said...

sometimes you can't just have to do...