Friday, September 24, 2010

T.D.I.R. Part Three: Commitment

To some, the word is as daunting as its length; they see it, and automatically associate it with something too tough and can't be done. It's looked at as too much of an obstacle; something that can't possibly be won. It's seen as a concept that only applies when dealing with something else, whether it's a person, a job, or something so good, it has to be from kind of dream. Little do they know it's much more internal in nature, more than they've ever seen.

People walk away from stuff everyday, and why? The reasons are numerous and just as vast. Maybe the return they put in is coming slow, when it was expected to be quick and fast. Perhaps society deems it okay to just give up, which also explains why the elite, in any walk of life, consists of a select few. Whether it's music, family, sports, or any other endeavor, the desire to try, improve, flourish, and succeed in their eyes clearly outweighs an inconvenience or two.

Plus, there's a personal sense of fulfillment that comes with commitment; finding a way to get it done and persevere. Speak it into existence and keep at it, and before you know it, your destination will come into focus and the finish will be near.

9/24/10 @ 3:59 P.M.


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Don said...

My brother, if only you knew how much I appreciate reading this today. I am trying my best to become One with commitment.

Either that, or lose out all together.

krisaela said...

...*points fingers to Don* You know...