Monday, October 18, 2010


WTF is wrong with me? No pair of contacts or the eyeglasses are necessary to see...that our time has run out.

Gotta learn to let go, and keep my dignity in the forefront. There's no need to point fingers or blame her for pulling any particular stunt.

It's merely a case of actions speaking louder than words, and once you've lived long enough, you realize pointing fingers is not the way to go. She's on my mind constantly, yet it's not the same, which our recent meeting and subsequent lack of interactions show.

To sum it up as infatuation would be cheap, but to define it as love may be a lil' too much, even with the moment being what it is. Just by this admission alone, humility is being shown...loud and clear. Just like D and The Root, it's safe to concede complete and total defeat is finally here.

10/18/10 @ 7:48 P.M.

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404 said...

OMG!! You said a mouthful there. If I may say, it's always better to get it sooner then later. I ask that you not allow this experience to make you bitter or reluctant to share all that you are with the next woman you become involved with. Love is......(((HUG)))