Monday, January 24, 2011

B.T.K. (Before the Kiss)

Blistering thoughts...jumbled emotions, play it cool. Everything is going on internally, and if you're cool enough, those emotions are all kept in check. Your recipient is just as eager as you; the anticipation is brief, but it still seems like an eternity. What's taking so long?

Trepidation...what if they pull away? What if the fear of the unknown outweighs the desire to just relax and let loose? While all these questions are being asked internally, the opportunity to have them answered in the affirmative are slowly slipping away...

Kick...kick it all away. The blistering thoughts, the trepidation; just throw it out the window. Everything else is going right. There's nothing else to hide, and no more questions to ask. If it doesn't happen this moment, it's noone's fault but ours for letting this opportunity pass.

We've all been there, one time or another, whether we were the initiator or the recipient. To live life long enough is to experience a wonderful, yet peculiar feeling such as this. It's the contradiction, fear, enthusiasm, and excitment of the actions...before the kiss.

1/19/11 @ 1:14 A.M.

Photo by _bobz_

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