Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Moment

When the moment came, it say the least, worth the wait. The fact that our lips were so close wasn't a shock, yet the events that transpired certainly were not planned. Regardless of the way it happened, there's no doubt her lips felt like the perfect place to land.

When they did land, everything else took course. My hands found a way to glide smooth across her waist, while the heat from her body would steadily rise. The moment was frozen in time, and even as our bodies moved, everything else seemed to be paralyzed. When our lips did separate, it was more of an acknowledgment that the moment was too good to be true...yet there was little time in-between to be apart, because there was so much more to do.

The moment may as well been broken down in scenes; from the way her head tilted back to the way her body leaned. Tongues glided in each other's mouths with the smoothest of ease. There was zero hesitation, realizing this was our moment to seize, and as the acts continued, there was no doubt both of us were left satisfied and thoroughly pleased.

All this over a kiss? Something some of us have done for ages found a way to have an impact that was as strong as any act of sex. With that said, if the initial moment was that good, there's no telling what can be expected next...

1/24/11 @ 1:27 A.M.

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sunnydelyte21 said...

I love this poem... I know that feeling all to well.

I, too wrote a poem about it...damn this brought back memories!