Thursday, August 11, 2011

TOTU: Chapter Four

I missed the Maze concert.

You wanna talk about being mad as hell? On Saturday night, I was mad as hell. Granted, I had some Rudy's to soften the blow, but still. Saturday night was Maze night. It was gonna be the night to get out, put some clothes on, get to this concert, and take some old-school girl by the hand and dance all night long to every single song they played...

...except I didn't go.

That makes two unforgivable events this summer. First, it was missing Sade, and now it's Maze. It's about as big a damn nightmare as one can have.

Onto better things: currently, I'm reading a book about the beginnings of the NFL, but it's also about the social history of particular places in the country during that time. Now I do love sports, but I'm not really big on reading books about sports. When it comes to the books I have, the subjects are all over the place, and if you were to look at my collection, it would be evidence of that. Sports are noticeably absent, which is fine by me. However, this book was sent as a gift, and I like what I'm seeing so far.

Besides that, things are a-ok. The job hunt is the job hunt. I've pretty much decided to change majors before the Pursuit of the Ph.D. takes shape. At the earliest, it'll start in a few weeks. If by chance something comes along, then it'll start in the spring. Either way, it's goin' down, so I'm not too worried about it.

Oh, and the ol' espanol is coming along. I'm gonna be a bilingual monster in no time.

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