Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Favorite Song

Plenty of folks have "that" song. The one that triggers a load of feelings, a ton of emotions, a variety of thoughts. It doesn't necessary have to be the ABSOLUTE favorite, because narrowing them all down and picking one can be quite the task. With that said, let's not get it twisted, especially when the notes drop and once they do, it's virtually impossible to conceal your reactions with any kind of mask.

How is it that a single song has that effect? What other instrument of communication can make us feel as vulnerable as when one of your favorite jams comes through your speakers? One of your favorite songs can instantly turn a good day into a great one, a sad day into a better one. It turns an insignificant moment into a trip back in time. Songs that leave a lasting impression do just that and even more. They make us feel something that we've rarely, if ever, felt before.

The sounds, so raw, passionate and real. The notes...so pure and romantic that you have no choice but to open yourself up and feel...it's a must. You have to. When it comes on, there is no playing it cool, and at that point, there's only one thing left to do.

3/11/14 @ 9:26 P.M.


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Anonymous said...

Currently listening to this song...lol