Monday, March 10, 2014

This Moment.

A snapshot, a quick glimpse, something that requires little-to-no-thinking. No room for heavy introspection, or deep and intricate thoughts. No desire for brain-racked thinking or so much analysis that it could fill up a thousand parking lots.

It's all about the moment.

The moment is what it is. It can be something as mundane as tying your shoes, picking up your keys or staring aimlessly at a screen with your mind consumed here and there. It could be sitting at your desk at work, passing time, responding to a text from a friend that seemingly came outta nowhere.

The moment is just that...a snapshot in time, something so routine and so ordinary, it really isn't worthy of being illustrated with words or packaged up and slapped with a price tag on it for sale. So if it's no big deal, why even bother writing about it? Because some moments are the root to something bigger down the line, and whether this qualifies as such...only time will tell.

3/10/14 @ 2:35 P.M.

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