Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Black Women: Part Three

  • Part I

  • Part II

  • This begins by saying an apology is in order. It's necessary for the times we took your presence for granted. It's crucial for the instances where it was us who became disillusioned and disenchanted...but the disappointment should be placed on us, for not doing our part to continually treat you like queens. We should take the sole responsibility for not cherishing the greatest gift our eyes have ever seen.

    We should love all of you the way we love our mothers and our daughters; unconditionally, as the central figures in just about any brother's life. We should cherish you completely, whether you're a teacher, lawyer, or our very own wife. There's no justification for you being reduced to an object, a tool, or a toy. You should be handled like the gems you are, and placed on a pedestal for giving the world your love and irreplaceable joy.

    These words are the opposite of empty; they're filled with the sincerity of Black men everywhere, who vow to do better, and to place you back on your throne where you belong. We know if you're by our side, it gives us our best chance to make it, and the least chance to ever go wrong. So from the bottom of our collective hearts, we apologize, and make a pledge to treat you as the definition of a queen, simply from knowing the vision of you will continue to be the greatest gift our eyes will ever see.

    7/9/08 @ 1:15 P.M.

    Photo by Clifton Henri


    Muze said...



    this post is phenomenal. *high fives mr.soul*

    it is such a joy to read such uplifting words about the black woman. kudos to you.

    *goes to change flyy post of the week from soul's old post to his new post* lol.

    Muze said...

    dangit. now i have to find parts one and two. lol.

    virtue5 said...

    talk about words in motion...good one masenda :)

    Jewells said...

    *Here by way of Muze's blog*

    This series of the Black woman is powerful. I would say too bad more of our men don't take out the time to appreciate us in the way that your words have, but it just takes ONE. I salute you for recognizing what jewells we are!

    Don said...

    via my girl Muze's blog.

    You speak the truth. Nothing but the truth. I do try my best to appreciate the black woman. I fall short sometimes but I do take the time to let our beautiful sistas know...they are appreciated. Even the evil ones.

    FREEDOM said...

    First time at your spot via Dappa's site. Part I, II, III are Awesome tributes to black woman.

    Thank you. Like you said we have to KNOW OWN WORTH AND HAVE LOVE FOR SELF!

    Muze said...

    waiting on some newness...


    MysTery said...

    OK!!! (standing on the table clapping!)

    Thanks so much!

    I really needed to read that for real. Brought tears to my eyes (don't tell anybody, shhh.)

    Now on to parts I and II...