Monday, June 01, 2009

Plans: Fuck It Part Two

Some are made well in advance, while others are the last-minute type. They were in place for you, which pretty much contributes to my gripe. They're all dashed for now, with no certain signs of coming back, and part of me has no desire to modify 'em, or even try to put 'em back on track...

Movies at the drive-thru, with food to snack on, and some grown folks beverage to drink; the vision of it was so clear, that there was nothing else for me to think. So much for that, along with others that are far from some seeing the light. Those plans have been placed on the backburner, with no indications of them ever returning to sight..

Plans were in place for some oyster shooters, daquiris, and hurricanes; you know, the ones that can only be bought on Bourbon Street. The ones folks say are so good to ya that they'll knock you right off your feet. Well, just like the others, those plans have been placed to the dark, in the farthest depths of any seeing any type of daylight, with no evidence that leads me to believe a return of them is anywhere in sight...

This is one plan that certainly wasn't made at first; if so, preparations woulda been made, so I wouldn't feel so vulnerable and at my absolute worst. This plan, like the others, is beyond being on-track...and at this rate, there are no signs of it ever coming back..

6/1/09 @ 1:22 A.M.

Photo by Clifton Henri

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