Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We could be on separate planets
The Earth or the Moon

Heart to heart, we're still in tune

And you know, you know (hearts don't lie)

I don't even care if we're not together

Cause that's the part that never lasts forever

I bet you always will.


She said it better than it could ever be said.

Be easy.

Photo by Clifton Henri


Muze said...

love this song.

awwww. someone has a lovebug that just won't quit! lol

hope all is well hun. :-)

virtue5 said...

dang, she really did say it the best that it could be ever said....

kmwilson08 said...

Whatchu know about that!? Maaaan I remember a time where this song spoke so loud and true to my spirit. With that individual, we may not be together, in love, may move on respectively however you are correct; she expressed it very well. Be easy fella :) I'm going to leave you with this:

"Once that Jones hit ya, it'll be a muthaf*cka!"