Saturday, September 10, 2011

D.C.C. Part Two

The revolution will be live. - Brother Gil Scott-Heron

It's okay to be your biggest fan. However, you should never take yourself too serious. At one time, I did and, after life kicked me in the balls for a couple of years, I learned to laugh and smile at just about any and everything. Now I believe in my ability to make things happen, but it's done with a sense of lightheartedness and a peace of mind that I hadn't possessed before.

I still reads the paper every morning, eat the same breakfast (two sausage biscuits from MacDonald's), and gets to work 40 minutes early. It's not because I'm some great employee; it's so I can get myself going, and if I do like I always have done, walking into work right before it's "GO TIME," I won't be worth a damn.

After this weekend, I think I'm gonna hang in Siberia for a while; it means I gotta get to Rudy's sometime today, and hopefully get to the barbershop. I wish there was more exciting things to share from the past week. With that said, God is love, God is good, and when you know that's the case, that's really all the excitement I need.

Oh, and I'll be picking up this book next. Gotta keep my mind at ease, right? Right.

9/10/11 @ 1:27 P.M.

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